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Baby sleeping bags for your baby’s healthy sleep

Choosing the best sleeping bag for your baby or toddler can really make a difference when it comes to getting more sleep as a parent. Sleeping bags are considered a safe alternative to traditional duvets and represent a natural transition from swaddling to free sleeping as soon as the baby is old enough and can no longer be swaddled.

In contrast to duvets your baby can crawl underneath at night and get caught in, and thus pose a choking hazard, the sleeping bag always keeps your baby's face free, while their body remains warm and comfortably cuddled without overheating. At the same time, the sleeping bag offers your baby enough freedom of movement to kick their legs to their heart's content. In addition to this, unlike a regular duvet, a sleeping bag cannot be accidentally kicked aside, and thus prevents your baby from cooling down and possibly catching a cold.

A baby sleeping bag is also ideal as part of the bedtime ritual: as soon as it is put on, it shows to your baby that it is now time to rest and sleep.

How should the sleeping bag fit your baby?

It is particularly important that you choose the size of your baby’s sleeping bag according to the current age and weight of your baby and not for later. While it may seem more sensible and cheaper for many parents to buy a sleeping bag that their baby can grow into, with a sleeping bag that is too large, you can risk that it is not safe enough and is a source of danger for your child. If it is important to you to buy a model that you can use for as long as possible and across several sizes of your child, you should pay attention to the manufacturer's information on the size of the sleeping bag. Currently, there are sleeping bags that grow with your child thanks to individually adjustable straps, which, for example, have multi-row push buttons, without sacrificing safety.

Generally, there are baby sleeping bags that are suitable from 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months. However, the actual size of the sleeping bag can vary within different age groups and between different brands. For example, some sleeping bags for newborns can be used up to the age of 12 months, while others have a shorter service life and may only fit optimally up to the age of 6 months.

Which designs are available?

Nowadays, sleeping bags are available in many designs, colours, materials and patterns. Furthermore, there are now sleeping bags that have been specially developed for travelling. These often have a two-way zipper on the front and one or two openings on the back, which allow you to fasten your baby in the infant car seat or buggy when the sleeping bag is put on – that way, they can sleep safely when being on the go in the buggy or infant car seat.

Many baby sleeping bags have push buttons in the shoulder area that make it easier for you to put the sleeping bag on, and zippers in the foot area or on the side, which makes changing nappies very easy. Whether you choose a model with a front or side zip depends entirely on your personal preferences.

Which kinds of sleeping bags are there?

If the seasons change, the clothes and the respective sleeping bag model must be adapted accordingly. This way you can ensure that your little one feels comfortable at all times and is not in danger of overheating or cooling down. There are summer and winter sleeping bags on the market that are specially tailored to the special features and needs of babies in the warm and cold seasons, and so-called all-year-round sleeping bags. These innovative systems are particularly practical because they have two or more parts that can be combined depending on the season. The all-year-round sleeping bag Baby-Mäxchen by Alvi, for example, has a padded outer bag and two inner bags with different sizes as to grow with your child or allow a longer service life. The all-year-round sleeping bag Bubou by Gesslein has got temperature-regulating features and comes with sleeves that can be removed or attached by using a Velcro fastener.

If the question of the right sleeping bag model is answered, parents often ask themselves how many sleeping bags are actually necessary. We generally recommend you to purchase at least 2 sleeping bags. This is particularly important in winter and in the transition period between two seasons, when it takes longer to dry, but you quickly need a sleeping bag to keep your baby warm.

What should your baby wear underneath the sleeping bag?

Sleeping bags are primarily designed for comfort and safety. However, it is also important to dress your child appropriately underneath the sleeping bag so that they are neither cold nor hot. Depending on the season, this can be long-sleeved rompers or a pyjama.

Before going to bed, the exact determination of the temperature in the children's room with a thermometer is a good idea and helps you to choose the right combination of clothes and sleeping bag.

Tip: Check your baby's neck! This is the only place that feels sweaty or very warm when your baby is too hot. If so, you can simply take off a layer of clothing.

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Träumeland Liebmich Baby Sleeping Bag

With the range of the Liebmich baby sleeping bags, the premium brand Träumeland offers the optimal solution for relaxed nights. The all-year-round sleeping bag that breathes features many great designs, as well as an innovative material mix of cotton and Tencel fibres, which ensure that the sleeping bag is dry, warm and cosy at the same time. Size-adjustable straps with push buttons have the advantage that the sleeping bag grows with your child up to two sizes, and thus contributing to a longer service life. Long zippers and ventilation slots ensure optimal and individual adjustment of air supply – this ensures a perfect sleeping environment. Träumeland also offers an Inner Sack which is separately available and complements the Liebmich perfectly, especially in the cold months.

Alvi Baby-Mäxchen

Baby-Mäxchen is a 3-part all-year-round sleeping bag that was developed in collaboration with midwives, doctors and nursing staff and is tested and recommended by hospitals. It consists of a pear-shaped, padded outer bag as well as a large and a small inner bag, which can also be used separately in the warm months. This smart system ensures that the sleeping bag is perfectly suitable for every indoor climate. Furthermore, it is equipped with all-round zippers, which make changing nappies at night particularly easy. Baby-Mäxchen is designed with a special shape – fitting in the chest and back section and pear-shaped and wide in the bottom section - which means that nothing can slip and your baby is still given enough space to kick happily. An ideal companion for the first 1.5 years.

Gesslein Bubou Sleeping Bag

Bubou is a baby sleeping bag that features the innovative pcm technology. It ensures a constant body temperature through micro capsules that are in the sleeping bag. Depending on the phase of sleep, they store heat and provide a cooling effect or give off the heat again – this way, they prevent both overheating or hypothermia. In addition to this, Bubou’s back section has neither annoying stitching nor seams, and thus offers your little one maximum comfort. This sleeping bag also accompanies your baby all year round. The special feature here are the sleeves, which can be removed or fastened by using Velcro fasteners. Bubou guarantees high sleeping comfort and relaxed nights for young and old alike.

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