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Britax Römer

BOB Revolution Pro

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BOB revolution Pro

Only 3 wheel stroller with Swivel wheel the approved when jogging or inline skating is! The BOB will take you to amaze with his agility in tight corners and on difficult terrain. With hand brake and adjustable handlebar for safety and comfort, even in the sport.

The BOB revolution Pro Jogger by Britax Römer: reliable and flexible premium stroller

Joggers know surrender to the problems that drive themselves at the sport with prams. Tight bends lead to an unstable position of the car in difficult terrain and the child feels bad suspension every stone under the wheels and braking are a challenge every time. Not without reason, stroller in most cases not for jogging or skating are permitted. With the BOB revolution Pro Jogger offers a stroller Britax-Römer, which is done with all these problems, has an official approval when jogging or inline skating, and ensures an incomparable comfort.

Those who would like to bring sports and children under a hat, who knows what is important in a good stroller. In the first place the safety of the child, especially through is a reliable braking systemwill be ensured. The Jogger BOB is therefore a revolution Pro by Britax Römer high-quality drum Handbrake equipped, allows what low actuating forces impressively short stopping distances. If you will be surprised at the jog or skate by other road users, you can bring the car thanks to the sophisticated braking system in a very short time to a standstill.

In addition to the safety aspect, the stroller experts at Britax Römer also know how important is mobility and manoeuvrability in a jogging stroller. For this reason, the world's only baby stroller with one is the revolution Pro Swivel front wheel, which has an admission to the skating and jogging. The swivelling front wheel allows twists and curves, where other stroller surrender. Drive in the sport will waste no time with elaborate steering maneuvers thanks to this innovative technique. The height-adjustable push handle ensures maximum comfort during exercise and prevent back pain.

The Britax-Römer BOB revolution Pro Jogger can thanks to combinable baby bath and baby seat use from birth. See the necessary accessories by Britax Römer naturally with us in the shop. The adjustable backrestprovides in combination with the padded 5 point harness that also the little ones at the sport driving, shopping and hiking is safe.

Especially sporty parents convinced the revolution Pro Jogger with his 5-point harness, his hand brake and its approval when jogging or inline skating safety, comfort, and its unique capacity to adapt. No matter where you put the Jogger: your baby will thank you.

Product features:

  • 5-point belt - padded strap secures the child in a comfortable way

  • Accessories adapter - for a quick and easy fastening of the adapter for infant carriers or game table (not included - please separately purchase!)
  • Simple folding mechanism - simple, easy 2-step of folding mechanism.
  • Pivoting front wheel - allows an excellent maneuverability in tight curves; identified for increased stability
  • Easily removable wheels - high-strength polymer, also ideal for uneven terrain
  • Adjustable lane guidance - an adjusting knob allows for easy track adjustment
  • State of the art suspension system - ensures that the baby in every type of terrain has a smooth ride
  • Hand brake - the new hand brake ensures additional safety
  • Parking brake - with the toe engage and resolve, so the stroller in the idle state on his position remains
  • Adjustable seat - the seat is especially padded and very comfortable
  • Adjustable handlebar - adjustable soft handle provides security, comfort and wrist strap
  • New frame design - new frame in black for a sporty slim look
  • Multiple, adjustable hood - hood provides comprehensive protection against the weather. Through the large window you can keep the child in the eye
  • Storage space - 2 seat interior pocket, a large back pocket and a large transport basket under the seat

Product dimensions:

  • Weight 12.8 kg (net)
  • Dimensions of stroller wheelbase - City fashion 64 cm / sport mode 78 cm
  • Total length - City fashion 117 cm / sport mode 131 cm
  • Handlebar height 87-117 cm
  • Total width 65 cm
  • Internal seat width 37 cm
  • Dimensions of the pushchair (with wheels): folded length - City fashion 100 cm / sport mode 109 cm / folded height - City fashion 41 cm / sport mode 41 cm
  • Dimensions of the pushchair (without wheels): folded length - City fashion 84 cm / sport mode 94 cm / folded height - city mode 30 cm / sport mode 27 cm


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