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Alvi – the brand that guarantees babies a good night’s sleep

Even before the birth of the new arrival, baby sleep is an important topic for parents. It is during their sleep that little ones gather new energy, grow and process their experiences. That’s why they need an incredible amount of sleep and spend a lot of time in their cot, bassinet or cradle in the early days of their lives. It is therefore all the more important that their beds are suitably equipped. Soft surfaces and child-friendly designs create a secure environment in which to sleep. Moreover, Alvi also takes children’s natural development into consideration. This is the reason why we at have included baby products from this brand in our range, including the baby sleeping bag “Mäxchen”.

Safely tucked up in bed

Newborn babies are barely able to regulate their body temperature. While they are asleep, in particular, this task has to be performed by textiles on their behalf. “Mäxchen” consists of an outer and inner sleeping bag, making it adaptable to any room climate. While the inner bag is adequate in warm temperatures, the padded outer bag protects the baby from losing too much heat in poorly heated rooms. By using breathable materials, the Alvi brand minimizes the risk of overheating, which can pose a threat to babies. In addition to the high-quality baby sleeping bags, all mattresses and covers have acclimatizing properties. Especially at night, when your baby is asleep and left unattended for a lengthy period of time, a sleeping bag offers reliable cover for his/her tiny body. In the upper area, the length-adjustable straps of the outer sleeping bag and the adjustable neck cutouts of the inner sleeping bag prevent the baby from slipping too far down. At the same time, “Mäxchen” offers ample freedom of movement for the legs. As a result, babies are able to adopt a comfortable lying position as soon as they have the necessary motoric capability to do so. This means even agile children can sleep in safety and comfort. Decades of experience have enabled Alvi to combine safety aspects with easy handling. In the first few months, changing diapers at night poses a challenge for parents. With the help of the zipper, the “Mäxchen” can be opened effortlessly even in low light. This simplifies the care routine and makes it unnecessary to completely undress the baby. With no fall in temperature, many babies just carry on sleeping peacefully.

Our advice on “Mäxchen” and cots, etc.

Baby merchandise made by Alvi covers all a child’s sleep requirements during the first few years of life. We will be glad to offer you personal advice if you have any questions relating to kitting out a cozy nursery for your offspring. The company’s expertise in all things related to baby sleep is also incorporated in the manufacturer’s other product lines, such as cozy blankets and warm foot muffs for outdoors. Please feel free to use our free telephone hotline for further information.

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