The delicate skin of babies and children needs to be pampered with gentle care products that have a protecting and calming effect. The Sebamed Baby & Child care products preserve the body’s natural pH of 5.5 and thus maintain the skin’s natural barrier. Even if your little one suffers from redness, irritation and atopic dermatitis, medical skin care can be applied and help to alleviate the symptoms. The skin compatibility is dermatologically confirmed so that you can be sure to purchase high-quality care products for your child. That way, the daily care routine becomes a special feel-good time for you and your child.


Sebamed – Skin care for well-being

Choosing the right care products is crucial for your baby to feel comfy and well at all times. Eczema, itching skin and redness are strong impairments of well-being. Since the skin is the largest organ of the human body, it is particularly important to create and maintain its balance with the right baby care products. The Sebamed skin care products help protect and calm tender skin when cleansing, bathing and changing nappies daily.

The skin’s natural barrier which is attacked during cleansing, is sustainably revitalised by the intensive care that has a pH of 5.5. That way, even more frequent cleansing and washing of your little one’s skin with the right care product is no problem. When children feel comfortable in their skin, they can discover the world in peace and are not bothered by itching or eczema. Therefore, the Sebamed Baby & Child care products are the ideal companions for a relaxed and happy childhood.

Protection and safety for children's sensitive skin

Sebamed’s medical skin care for children satisfies everyone with its high quality. The products are free from harmful substances and their effectiveness has been confirmed by several studies. That is why, you can be sure that the gentle skin care products protect your little one’s skin and nurture it properly with many valuable ingredients. The intensive care products feature high skin-caring qualities that soothe even sensitive skin which is prone to redness and eczema.

Dry children's skin which reacts particularly sensitively to environmental influences, is supplied with moisture that has a revitalising effect. This way, your baby is well-protected during the daily care routine. When washing, bathing and changing nappies, you can be sure that your child will be pampered with premium care products that maintain the soft and tender features of your little one’s skin.

The benefits of Sebamed care products

• Skin compatibility confirmed by studies

• Can relieve redness, eczema and atopic dermatitis

• High-quality ingredients

• Ideal for daily cleansing and skin care

• Designed for the special needs of baby’s sensitive skin

• Protecting and caring when bathing, washing and changing nappies

• Also suitable for extremely sensitive adult’s skin

Bathing fun for little explorers

When children explore the world, dig over the sandbox and romp around a lot, they often have to take a bath. Choosing the right skin care products is crucial so that the sensitive skin of your little one does not dry out and react with redness or irritation. The medical skin care by Sebamed is particularly suitable for children and makes it possible for them to splash in the bathtub every day. Using a mild washing lotion and then a moisturizing body lotion protects the delicate skin of your little one.

Body care as a feel-good ritual

Everyday life with children can be stressful and sometimes pretty hectic. Especially in times like these, it is important to pause for a moment and to consciously enjoy the time spent together. The daily body care sessions of your little one is a great time to rest and relax together. Applying skin care products is a good opportunity to pamper your baby’s skin and also contributes to creating an atmosphere of closeness and warmth. The premium products ensure that skin-caring feels super good. That way, your baby’s daily body care is turned into feel-good ritual s/he will enjoy and look forward to every single day. These little but precious moments in everyday life are also a good way to recharge your batteries and find peace in the here and now.

Skin-caring miracle for young and old

Of course, the medical skin care which was developed in order to meet the special needs of small children, is also suitable for adults with an extremely sensitive skin type. If you suffer from atopic dermatitis or are particularly sensitive to many ingredients, Sebamed’s Baby & Child Care products turn out to be a great remedy. Everything which is ideal for the sensitive skin of children, is as ideal for caring for and soothing sensitive adult’s skin, too. A wide selection of washing lotions, creams and body lotions offers the right care for every skin type. Protecting and nurturing medical skin care products can reduce redness and irritation and balance the skin.

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