Booster seats are suitable for children from the age of about 4 years or from a weight of about 15 kg until the age of 12 years. That means, they provide a transitional stage towards the sole use of the vehicle's seat belt and offer your child a boosted seating position for a safer and more comfortable position of the regular seat belt.

Booster Seats

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As soon as children are 4 years old or have reached a weight of 15 kg, they are allowed to travel on a booster seat in the back seat of your car until the vehicle's three-point belt fits properly. This is usually the case when they have reached a weight of 36 kg, a height of 150 cm or an age of 12 years.

Booster seats belong to the group 2/3 and provide your child with an elevated position during the ride so that the seat belt can optimally run over hips and chest or shoulder. The use of the vehicle's seat belt without a booster seats is not suitable for children under the age of 12 years, as it doesn’t fit well on the body. In the event of an accident, the likelihood of injury of sensitive body parts such as the stomach and neck, is significantly increased. In addition to this, booster seats allow your little passenger a good view from the car window, so that the world outside can be observed while travelling.

There are also systems on the market that grow with your child. These are booster seats with a removable backrest, as well as simple booster seats without backrest, but with belt horns on the side. Due to their backrest, the former feature side parts with impact protection and padded armrests. It is also possible to adjust the backrest, which provides your child with plenty of comfort even on long car rides. Many booster seats with backrests are therefore multi-function child car seats that can be used in versatile ways. Some of them are supplied with a built-in belt clip, which ensures the optimum position of the 3-point seat belt.

Booster seats without a backrest and with belt horns offer not much more than an ergonomic seat as well as a "boosting" effect, but are usually cheaper and can be easily stored and transported from one vehicle to another. Booster seats are ideal for vehicles with headrests and high backrests or as second seats, for short journeys or while travelling.

Tips for buying & using booster seats

  1. First, always make sure that your child has reached the minimum age and weight for using a booster seat.
  2. If you decide on a simple backless booster seat, you should definitely choose a model with belt horns on the sides. They ensure that the seat is properly secured by means of the three-point belt and does not slip away under your child's bottom in the event of an accident.
  3. Check the correct position of the belt before each ride. In this case, the shoulder strap should not be too close to the neck of your child, but run diagonally over the shoulder. The lower strap should be positioned slightly below the hip.
  4. Older children are less frequently weighed and measured than babies. Therefore, check your child's growth a few times a year. Most children are about 12 years old when they are tall enough to do without a booster seat, but be fastened with a regular seat belt instead.

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Peg-Perego Booster Seat 2-3 Shuttle

The booster seat 2-3 Shuttle by Peg-Perego is the perfect travel companion, which does not only score with a high functionality but also with a lot of comfort and safety for your little passenger. It comes with an integrated Surefix base which features an innovative blind-lock system that ensures correct installation. Thus, the base always provides a firm connection between car and booster seat. In addition to the Isofix attachment, the Shuttle 2-3 can also be installed together with your child by using your car’s seat belt. Another highlight of the Shuttle 2-3 is its fab design: It consists of two layers of foam, which absorb the braking forces in an accident due to additional damping material and provide an extra comfortable ride for your child due to an ergonomic structure. A practical carrying handle and a super low weight of only 3 kg make this booster seat complete.

Britax Römer Child Car Seat Kidfix 2 R

The Britax Römer child seat Kidfix 2 R is an innovative and flexible 2-in-1 solution that grows with your child. This model allows you to choose from an installation vis Isofix or the vehicle's own seat belt. The particularly high V-shaped backrest and soft-padded side wings ensure a comfortable position while riding in the car. But this is not the only feature that contributes to a pleasant ride at any age: When the headrest is moved upwards, the shoulder area automatically adjusts in width and offers your little one a super comfy spot at any time. The built-in SecureGuard, which helps to optimally position the lap belt, additionally protects your child's sensitive belly area so that maximum safety is always provided. Another highlight: Once your child has reached a height of 135 cm, you can remove the backrest of the Kidfix 2 R and thus use it as a regular booster seat. The Kidfix 2 R promises your child from 3.5 to 12 years maximum safety and ultimate comfort – whether that be on long or short trips.

Choose the right booster seat for your child

Finding the right booster seat is not easy, as not every model offered meets the individual requirements of your child. Our service team will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right one for your little passenger.

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