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Britax Römer

Seat Organiser




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Keeping your car tidy with a practical car seat organizer

The main purpose of a car is to get you and your child from one place to another. Many families are travelling by car with their child quite frequently – whether that be a ride to the doctor, to visit grandma and grandpa or to go on vacation – and thus spend several hours at a time in the car. For children, a long ride can get boring very quickly which is why quite a few toys, colouring books and the like are often taken along so that the time in the car passes faster. The more items your little one takes with them, the more chaotic it looks on the back seat. In such a case, car seat organizers with which you can organize all the things your child needs on the go in an efficient way, and keep them within reach so that your car does not look like an exploded toy box after every ride.

Car seat organizers can be attached to the back of the front seats and are simple and inexpensive solutions to provide your car with a little more storage space. They have several pockets for storing toys, snacks and drinks of different sizes, which are easily accessible for your little passenger.

Find the right car seat organizer for you and your child

Some parents who are looking for an organizer often only look at one and immediately know: 'This is the right one!'. Others, on the other hand, take a little more time and compare organizers from different brands. No matter what type you belong to, there are a few things you need to consider before buying an organizer to make sure you choose the right product.

Different organizers provide different capacities. Some can store larger and heavier items, while others are more suitable for smaller and lighter items. Before you buy an organizer, think about what you want to store in it. It is also helpful to make a decision based on the age of the child: Do you need an organizer to store items for toddlers or older children? If you often travel with younger children, an organizer that is equipped with a so-called kick mat is an advantage as it prevents their tiny shoes from leaving marks on the back of your front seats. Organizers for smaller children should also have several small pockets in which you can store toys, snacks or drinking bottles. Older children, on the other hand, need larger pockets to store books or even tablet computers. Speaking of tablet computers: some child seat organizers even have a special pocket for these devices.

Although almost all organizers are universal, you should still make sure that they fit your car. Not all car seats are the same size, so it is advisable to check the dimensions of the organizer before purchasing to ensure that it can be properly attached to your seat without posing a hazard to you or your child. You should also pay attention to the length of the loop/ strap and its strength. If the organizer has a strap that is too long, the organizer can possibly hang too low or even touch the floor in the car. This is not only uncomfortable for your child but makes it also difficult to access certain storage compartments and pockets from the front seat.

Most organizers are made of different fabrics and are available in different colours. To complement the interior of your car optimally, an organizer in black is generally the most suitable. Furthermore, you should look for an organizer that is equipped with dirt-repellent material and that can be cleaned quickly and easily with a damp cloth.

Buy car seat organizers online on kidsroom.de

If you and your child are travelling by car quite often, it can be particularly helpful to use a car seat organizer. This super convenient accessory keeps your vehicle tidy and ensures that you can enjoy every ride without being stressed. Which organizer you choose for you and your child depends entirely on your specific requirements. On kidsroom.de, you can find organizers from well-known top brands such as Britax Römer, Hauck or Lässig. Just take a look around or get some advice from our experts.

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