Forward-facing mode & maximum protection – our group 2/3 child car seats 15-36 kg provide your child with plenty of comfort & outstanding safety features.

Child Car Seats 15 kg - 36 kg

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As soon as your child weighs 15 kg or more (approximately 3 to 4 years of age), you will have to move on to a child car seat of the next higher category – group 2/3. A child car seat from this group is suitable until your child reaches a weight of 36 kg or an age of 12 years.

The biggest change in the transition to a group 2/ 3 child car seat is that your child can now travel in a forward-facing mode if you have previously used a rear-facing child safety seat. 5-point harness or impact shield is now to be replaced by your car's 3-point safety belt.

Most group 2/3 child car seat models consist of a padded booster seat, a height-adjustable backrest and headrest, and head and shoulder protectors that ensure maximum safety in the event of an accident. They are usually quite light in weight which comes in particularly handy if you need to transfer the child car seat from one vehicle to another more often. Some also feature armrests or are adjustable in width – that way, additional comfort is provided and even older children feel good when riding in the car.

Your little passenger is secured with the vehicle's own 3-point belt. For this purpose, the child car seats have mounting brackets on the backrest or so-called belt positioners, which allow a precise position of the belt. This is particularly important because the 3-point harness in the car is set to the size of an adult and is thus far too high for a child. With the help of the mounting brackets or belt positioner, the belt is positioned correctly and prevents injuries on the neck.

Despite their relatively long service life of about 8 years, child car seats from group 2/3 are among the lower-priced car seats, which cost on average between about 100 € and 350 €. Nevertheless, there are even cheaper but also much more expensive models on the market. Although the price is important when choosing a new child car seat, it does not imply anything about the safety of a car seat. All child car seats offered on the market must first undergo tests to see whether they correspond to the safety standards ECE R44 / 04 or UN R129 i-size. It is more important to choose a child car seat that suits you, your car and of course your child best.

How to install a group 2/3 child car seat in the car?

When you buy a child car seat, you should first check if it is suitable for your child's age group. The next step is to make sure that the car seat fits your car type. Not all child car seats are compatible with all types of vehicles. Some do not fit properly in the car, so they restrict your child’s legroom or make it difficult for you to secure the seat and your child with the 3-point harness. Therefore, it is important to check beforehand if the car seat you prefer can be installed correctly in your car. Most manufacturers offer a quick online verification service, such as the Britax Römer Fit Finder®.

The vast majority of group 2/3 child car seats offered in our store are to be installed by using Isofix. Some of these child safety seats have retractable Isofix hooks so they can be also used in combination with the car's 3-point safety belt. Other models do not feature Isofix and can be used in cars that do not yet have Isofix anchor points.

Things you need to consider when buying a child car seat from 15 to 36 kg

When buying a new child car seat from the next higher category, you should ask yourself what qualities and features you prefer most. Therefore, you might find it helpful to stick to the following questions:

  • Installation: Is the child car seat fastened with the safety belt or via ISOFIX?
  • Handling: How easy is it to secure the child car seat and your child in the car?
  • Adjustability: Can you adjust the height of the backrest and/ or headrest so that your child can travel comfortably in any stage of growth?
  • Side impact protection: Does the child car seat provide additional protection for your child in the event of a side impact?
  • Removable covers: Is it important for you to be able to remove and wash the covers in the event of a little accident?

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Britax Römer child car seat Kidfix 2 S

The Britax Römer Kidfix 2 S is a versatile 2 in 1 child car seat that grows with your child and provides them with a super comfortable place at any age. A special feature of this child car seat is that you can remove the backrest as soon as your child has reached a height of 135 cm and thus continue to use it as a booster seat. The installation of this child car seat will delight everybody by its flexibility: Depending on the equipment, you can choose between installing the Kidfix 2 S by using the vehicle’s harness or the Isofix connectors. Certified according to ECE R44 / 04, the Kidfix 2 S features all the tried and tested safety features, such as a built-in SecureGuard that protects your little passenger's sensitive belly, a high backrest for optimum protection from head to hip, and innovative SICT side impact protection which distributes the forces that occur in a side impact away from your child. A belt clip also ensures that the diagonal vehicle belt is always kept correctly over the shoulder of your child. The V-shaped backrest and deep, soft-padded side wings keep your little passenger in the best possible position. As soon as you adjust the headrest, the width of the shoulder area adapts automatically – making the Kidfix 2 S a perfect companion in any stage of your child’s growth.

BeSafe child car seat iZi Flex i-Size

Maximum safety for your child is provided by the BeSafe iZi Flex i-Size, as it is the first child car seat on the market to comply with the latest UN R129-02 test standard. It has a special three-layered side impact protection. The additional safety function SIP +, which absorbs the forces acting in a side impact, works similar to the crush zone in a car. The iZi Flex i-Size can also be installed individually in the car: either by using Isofix or the car’s own seat belt. Another highlight is the lap belt positioner with Fid-Lock magnet which ensures easy opening and closing. Naturally, the comfort of your little passenger was also taken into consideration when developing the iZi Flex i-Size. Thus, it features a height adjustment that can be set on both sides and provides children between 100 cm and 150 cm with sufficient space. In addition to this, the iZi Flex i-Size child car seat comes with a V-shaped headrest and adjustable resting positions. This ensures that your child feels comfy even on long car rides. Do you have to accommodate several child seats in the car? No problem! The iZi Flex i-Size is equipped with SIP bumpers that can be removed to fit up to three seats on the rear seat in your car.

Concord child car seat Transformer XT Plus

The Concord Transformer XT Plus scores with outstanding ease of use at the touch of a button, timeless minimalist design and optimum side impact protection. The child car seat that grows with your child features a fully closed seat shell which can be adapted to the size of your child. The built-in Variosize system ensures that the height and width of the shoulder protectors can be adjusted continuously and the height of the headrest can be adjusted at the touch of a button. Furthermore, the Transformer XT Plus is equipped with a Procomfort system whose lockable gas spring allows individual adjustment of the seating and reclining position. A Triple Layer Impact Protection System of the shoulder protectors ensures optimum side impact protection with its three cushioning layers. Feel-good features, such as the ergonomically shaped seat contribute to ultimate comfort even on long car rides. In addition to this, the Transformer XT Plus is equipped with a comfort foam seat pad and soft padded armrests, which offer your little passenger a cosy place to lean on, rest and snap at all times. Outstanding security features and maximum comfort with a very long service life of 3 to 12 years – that's the Transformer XT Plus!

Which child car seat meets your requirements?

Deciding which new child car seat to buy is particularly difficult for many parents because they want to provide their child with maximum comfort and the highest level of safety. If you are not sure which child car seat might be the right one for you and your child, or if you have already selected some you prefer most, but you cannot decide which one to choose eventually, our service team will be happy to advise you. With us, you will always find the right child car seat!

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