Absorbent, washable bibs & burp cloths are must-have accessories in everyday life with a baby. They protect clothes & save nerves. Order now at!

Bibs & Burp Cloths

Bibs & burp cloths – indispensable accessories in everyday life with a baby

Bibs and burp cloths are baby care essentials which are used most frequently and for the longest time. That is why, we recommend you to build up a supply of these items that is large enough to last you through infancy. Absorbent cloths protect your and your little one’s clothes from the first breastfeeding session and up. Not until your child is able to eat and drink without spilling, has the bib completed its service. However, your little one might want to continue using the burp cloth until they have reached pre-school age. Up to that point, the cuddly soft cloth is the perfect companion that comforts them and helps them fall asleep.

Burp Cloths are super versatile

Sucking and swallowing are primitive reflexes that are already present at birth. If your baby tends to gulp a lot, a considerable amount of air can get into his tummy which can cause unpleasant stomach ache. That is why, it is recommended to lift your child after breastfeeding. Let their head rest on your shoulder and carry them around for a bit until the air trapped in their stomach is released by a burp. Undigested food that comes up with the belch is then collected by a burp cloth placed over your shoulder. If your child is a spit-up infant, i.e. an infant who throws up regularly, you might need a particularly absorbent cloth.

The extra-large Disney Swaddles by aden+anais, can be folded several times before being placed over your shoulder. On you can get these cloths which feature cheerful prints and are made of 100% cotton in an affordable 4-piece pack.

Bibs on – as cute as your baby

As long as your little one is mainly fed by bottle, a bib made of simple cloth which covers the chest area is enough. These rectangular bibs can be fastened easily at the back of the neck by using either small ribbons, Velcro fasteners or poppers. Bibs that feature a generous cut and can be put on like a jumper are also very convenient. When children start with their first ever attempts at eating independently and try to put the spoon full of puree into their mouth, it is about time to equip them with a proper bib that protects their clothes. In this trial phase, a lot can go wrong, which can lead to stains and dirty spots all over their clothes. To prevent this, you can also use absorbent burp cloths by placing them over their clothing in addition to the bib. So-called long-sleeved bibs, which also protect your child's sleeves, stand out as particularly practical as well.

Watch out for high-quality products!

Whichever type of bib and burp cloth you choose, always make sure that it is of high quality, because your child loves to put the cloths into their mouth, suck on them and play with them. Even grandparents, aunts and godparents know how helpful bibs can be for new parents. That is why, many of them like to give a cute set of bibs to a baby for their birth or christening. However, when selecting the right bibs or burp cloths they are usually influenced by the cheerful designs rather than by their usability and quality. Due to the fact that baby products are used quite frequently, they need to meet special quality standards. The bibs and burp cloths offered on are:

  • Easy to clean
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Available in various sizes
  • Particularly resilient

All burp cloths and bibs in our shop can be machine washed easily. Except for the Béaba Bib with a deep crumb catcher – this bib is made of soft synthetic material and can be wiped with a wet cloth or put into the dishwasher to get it clean.

Buy bibs and burp cloths on

In our online baby shop we offer a careful selection of bibs and burp cloths, which you and your child will enjoy for a long time because they are comfortable to wear, easy to clean and free from harmful substances. At the same time, they provide a reliable protection of your and your baby's clothes. There is hardly anything more practical than an absorbent bib or a washable cotton cloth that is always ready at hand if your little one burps or makes a little mess. Do you have any questions about our bibs and burp cloths? Or do you need further information? We are happy to help you.

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