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Handy hints that help your baby master dietary change

Baby’s new stage in life begins with dietary change which is far from being easy and thus issues quite a challenge to your little one. Once you are well equipped with all the necessities and niceties needed for a good start, you can go on and feed your little one with his first pureed food. Applying a playful routine as well as creating each meal in a cheerful and appealing design can help you find out which food your child likes best and which he is most likely to avoid. Apart from children’s tableware, soft spoons and teats for the baby bottle are essential parts of your little one’s basic feeding equipment. The soft spoon adapts perfectly to your baby’s mouth and won’t bother your child when his first teeth cut through. Furthermore, these useful feeding items come in cheerful colours and usually feature funny motifs so that every mealtime is going to be an exciting and fun experience for your little one. When purchasing feeding accessories as well as baby food, you should pay attention to brands of manufacturers that focus on a healthy development of children and thus feature skin and baby-friendly products.

Quality is based on saliva-proof and premium materials

Babies are very likely to explore their new surroundings with their mouth. Thus extensive chewing, sucking and salivating spoons, bibs or drinking bottles should be taken into account when selecting the feeding accessories. When your child was breastfed he was extremely close to you and thus felt safe and comfortable at all times. When switching to solid food you need to generate the very same feelings by using the right tableware and all the important items required for feeding your child supplementary foods. High-quality products for feeding your little one should have the following features:

  • They are made without plasticisers
  • Colours stay strong, do not fade and are saliva-resistant
  • All materials are soft and avoid injuries
  • All products are designed to meet baby’s ergonomics
  • Child-appropriate motifs attract baby’s attention

It is safe to assume that your little one will throw a filled bottle or plate on the floor with reckless abandon and then claps his hands cheerfully. Tableware made of synthetic material comes in super handy since it will not be damaged in this case. This way, you only have to clean up the food from the floor and don’t have to deal with removing shards. All baby products must feature tested and certified quality as well as a label that shows you that all colours and materials used are nontoxic and free from harmful plasticisers.

Feeding and cuddling makes babies happy

The first months of baby’s life are full of nursing, sleeping and extensive cuddling sessions. Little by little, the new member of your family will develop a playful curiosity that will lead to changes in your everyday life and in the way you take care of and treat your child. This is also when the moment of a dietary change comes closer and when you start thinking about which kinds of supplementary food are ideal and how to combine bottle feeding and solid foods best. Try to feed your little one various foods and use a plate which features a cheerful motif on the bottom that encourages him to eat up. Shockproof and shatterproof plates and baby cutlery made of synthetic material as well as soft spoons and bibs that can be washed with hot water and your little one’s first own cup will delight him instantly. While your little one is sitting in his highchair he can watch you warm up his pre-portioned food in a high-quality bowl in the microwave. From now on, you can prepare you little one’s meals without worrying about his health, because you have chosen quality and purchased saliva-proof and child-appropriate items.

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