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Safe on a bicycle

Safe on a bicycle

Safe on a bicycle: With our best bicycle seats and helmets

As soon as your little one is able to sit independently, nothing stands in the way of doing a bicycle tour; whether you are together on the way to kindergarten or just doing a tour through the nature. Proper equipment should not be missed for a trip together. A suitable helmet and bicycle seat are compulsory in the matter of safety. That is why this site will teach you everything what you need to know about bicycle seats and helmets.

The correct bicycle seat

A bicycle tour is supposed to be fun – of course. However, in order that the trip does not end in tears or injuries, the biggest value has to be put on the safety of your child. Comfort should not be paramount. Important is that the bicycle seat is approved according to DIN EN 14344. It regulates all security relevant features such as fixity and quality of the material. We recapped all the functions which are necessary for buying a bicycle seat.

Important aspects of modern bicycle seats

On which functions you need to depend when choosing a bicycle seat, are summarised here.

Fixation and montage

Bicycle seats are directly connected to the bicycle frame with a stable spring steel bracket. The seat can thus be mounted on bicycles without carrier – e.g. mountain bikes. The flexible size of the attachment enables you additionally to use almost every frame for the seat. It’s important, however, that the seat is faced forward. If you’re on the go without your child you are able to easily remove the seat from the attachment.

To enable parents to even more flexibility, manufacturers offer the attachments separately. Thus you can buy a second attachment for another bike.

Sitting and resting position

It is possible to occur that your little one will fall asleep during a longer ride. A seat with adjustable back rest is highly recommended since you can put your child into a resting position.

An uneven soil can also make for that your baby’s head shakes back and forth. If that is the case you better should wake your little one or walk your bike. Important: Please be aware that the driving behavior of your bike changes if you are adjusting the back rest.

Comfort and cleaning

A bicycle tour isn’t fun when sitting on the saddle starts to hurt. The same applies for bicycle seats. They need pads. A lot of models can be used on both sides and can be cleaned in the washing machine.


In the front they are colourful and the back they can be seen well. When the light conditions are bad and it already gets dark, cyclists can hardly be seen. Bright and conspicuous clothes are especially important in situations like these. However, the height of the bicycle seat will cover it, so reflecting material on the back of the seat should not be missed.

Period of use

A bicycle seat is supposed to be a companion for a long time. It should involve the best possible and safe functions. Models with adjustable head and foot rests will help you to always adapt the seat to your little one’s size.

Spoke guards

A bicycle tour is an exciting adventure for your little one. A spoke guard is important so that you child will not get injured. The adjustable foot rests and straps will also keep the feet in place.

Safety belt

The 3-point belt won recognition among bicycle seats. It is positioned over the shoulder and fixed between the legs. Your little one won’t fell out of his seat and stays safe in it. The belts are equipped with pads and can be adjusted to your little one’s size.

The modern bicycle seat for kids

Comfortable and safe. The top model by Britax Römer


Jockey3 Comfort

  • head rest (can be adjusted nine times)
  • comfortable seat with high back rest
  • big spoke guards
  • adjustable foot rests
  • 3-point harness
  • Suitable for children until 22kg
  • Resting position for sleeping
  • with new magnetic safety lock

Always safe on the go

These things should be considered at every cycle tour

Life saver:
A suitable helmet

The most important utensil on every bicycle trip!

A helmet is a compulsory accessory. Only a helmet can protect your little one’s head in the worst case and prevent heavy or even fatal injuries. To provide an optimum of safety, the helmet needs to fit perfectly on the head. Different sizes will help to find the correct adjustment. There’s a suitable helmet for every head.

It also provides enough vent holes for the necessary cooling.

Additional safety on your own bicycle

Safety is always influenced by other road users. The additional weight of a bicycle seat is enormous, especially when your child moves in his/her seat. The higher weight on the front wheel can lead to that it loses its traction. Even for practiced cyclers this often means falling. So before planning a trip you should try how it feels to cycle with such a weight, e.g. use a rucksack to simulate the weight.

However, not only while driving caution is advised

To prevent the bike from falling over while standing on one rack, you better should get a second one, too, for more stability. Do not ever leave your child in the seat while placing your bicycle.

Children want to discover the world with their fingers and basically touch everything – also when cycling around

You do not always see what your little one is doing in the back and the open saddle springs are in reach. A finger trap protection will prevent your child from getting hurt.

Safely on the go with the bicycle

A suitable helmet and bicycle seat makes you well-equipped. However, besides the equipment for small and big we will have some tips with which cycling is even safer:

Use bike paths!

If possible, always use cycle paths. You will likely not meet any motorized transportation and you escape from waste gas.

Avoid rush hours!

If you are not able to compass traffic roads, get on side roads to avoid bustling rush hours.

Better walk your bike once in a while!

If your child is anxious, get off the bike and walk it a short way. If your little one is calm again, you can get back on the bike.

Be an example!

Good parents wear a helmet! Do not only pay attention to your little one’s safety, but also to yours. In the end it’s your children who copy your behavior.


Cycling with your little one is fun; whether it’s just a short trip to the city, to kindergarten or a trip to the sea. With few things these tours can be organized as safe as possible to enjoy your time together.

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