The NUK breastfeeding set is equipped 36, 2 x breast milk container and 2 x first choice + drinking cup with 1 x Jolie manual breast pump, 1 x breast pad...
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NUK Breastfeeding set

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NUK still set

The NUK breastfeeding set is equipped 36, 2 x breast milk container and 2 x first choice + drinking cup with 1 x Jolie manual breast pump, 1 x breast pads of classic silicone Gr. 2 S.

NUK Jolie manual breast pump, with soft silicone cushion and ergonomic pumping lever, pump performance, BPA-free

The NUK Jolie manual breast pump allows the effortless, smooth and very efficient pumping of breast milk. It is easy to use and suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher.

Modern mothers today want to be independent, flexible and always mobile. Breastfeeding is not always possible. This does however not necessarily mean that your baby has to forgo the precious breast milk! Pumping breast milk is a viable alternative. And feeding with the NUK first choice + vial is a fast style be feeling your little treasure.

Thanks to innovative technology and sophisticated functionality providing pumping in NUK Jolie is particularly high. The soft, soft silicone cushion fits ideally to the mother's breast and makes for a pleasantly smooth feeling on the skin. Special nubs stimulate the milk flow.

With the NUK Jolie manual breast pump pumping breast milk is easy. The pump handle is ergonomically shaped and very smooth. About the pump handle, the suction power can be adjusted individually: the farther he will be pressed, the suction power is greater.

Expressed breast milk runs directly in the supplied NUK breast milk container made of heat-resistant polypropylene (PP). The container is suitable for storing, freezing, heating, and the feeding of milk - a refilling is not necessary - a NUK can be used in the screw-ring of the milk container directly first choice + drinking cup - and you're ready to go with the feeding.

For a hygienic cleaning the breast pump can be easily into individual parts disassemble and reassemble as easily. It is also extremely practical that the items of the NUK Jolie for cleaning in the dishwasher are suitable.

The NUK Jolie manual breast pump was developed in cooperation with nursing experts and based on latest medical findings, to make the pumping so effortless, smooth and efficient as possible.

All materials used are of course proven NUK quality, they are absolutely high quality, tested on harmful substances and BPA free. The production is carried out in Germany.

Product details:

  • Ultra-efficient manual breast pump
  • Gentle pumping and easy operation
  • Soft silicone cushions with special nubs stimulate the milk flow
  • Ergonomic, smooth pump lever
  • Incl. foot, breast milk container with screw ring and sealing disc (for storing, freezing, heating and feeding)
  • BPA-free
  • Made in Germany

NUK breast pads, absorbent, ultra plush body 36 Pack formed,

The NUK breast pads of classic offer reliable protection and comfort every day.

Through their special inner fleece is pleasantly soft and anatomical shape is perfectly located on the chest. The practical NUK fixation strips secure the stop for reliable dryness.

The classic under the NUK breast pads is extra soft and absorbent and is supplied in a packaging of 36 units.

Product details:

  • Pleasantly soft gently to the breast through special inner fleece and soft edge
  • Reliably dry - pulp absorbs liquid quickly and redirects them to the Interior
  • Body shape - anatomic pad shape adapts optimally to the breast form
  • Safe - secure with NUK fixation strips containing in the BRA
  • Content: 36 units

NUK breast milk container 150 ml, 2 pieces including screw cap of the pump freezing up to feeding, BPA-free

Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your small earthlings as a mother without a doubt. However, there are situations in which you can not breastfeed. Then it is the best solution to pump milk for such moments and to be kept in a container hygienically. NUK breast milk container has developed for this purpose.

In this repository you can store your breast milk, no matter whether in the fridge or freezer. The breast milk container is combined with the NUK manual breast pump Jolie and all electric breast pumps from NUK. So need not complete the valuable milk and can keep of the pump freezing up to the feeding in a vessel. Even the heating can be done easily best in the NUK baby food warmer. Fits all NUK breast milk container is a FIRST CHOICE and FIRST CHOICE + cleaner (not included).

Thanks to the labelling field can be sure when you have pumped out. The graduated scale reveals you also the expressed amount (maximum 150 ml).

You get 2 containers includes screw caps made of temperature-stable polypropylene supplied from-18 ° C to + 100 ° C. So, even the boiling and the repeated use of the tank poses no problem. The breast milk container by NUK is BPA-free and equipped with a modern, attractive design.

NUK first choice + anti-colic drinking cleaner silicone, pine-friendly NUK shape, size 2 (6-18 months) S for tea, BPA-free, 2 PCs.

The NUK first choice + drinking cup is made of high quality silicone. Be natural, shaped and jaw meet.

Tested on harmful substances, BPA free, tasteless and extremely hard-wearing the NUK produced first choice + drinking cleaner under the highest security policy in Germany.

All mothers who want to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding, are well advised with the NUK first choice + drinking cup. Due to its natural shape the unique NUK Silicone Extractor of infants is accepted very well. The new flexible and extra soft soft zone of the sucking part, adapts better to the palate of your little angel, the natural feeling of drinking is even more real.

The improved anti-colic air system prevents painful infant colic. It provides a natural flow and your little Darling can drink so relaxed, without swallowing air.

At a glance:

  • NUK first choice + drinking cup made of silicone
  • Size 2 (6-18 months) is available in the hole sizes S - M - L
  • extra perforated, suitable for tea or milk (hole size S) or medium punched, suitable for formula (hole size M) or large perforated, suitable for thick foods such as porridge or juice (hole size L)
  • Material and production corresponds to highest standards of quality "Made in Germany"
  • Scope of delivery: 2 pieces per pack


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