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NUK Perfect Starter Set "Disney" Exclusive Bambi - large image

Perfect Starter Set "Disney" Exclusive

design:  Bambi
Delivery time: 1-3 work days
MSRP 126.68 € 113.36 € (Net)
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Perfect Starter Set "Disney" Exclusive

Our Price:

113.36 €
MSRP 126.68 €
design: Bambi

Delivery time: 1-3 work days | excl. VAT

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With our sets, you will save even more money when ordering matching accessories.

With this set, you will save 13.30 € compared to our regular price.

Regular price: 126.66 €
Set price: 113.36 €


Choose the design that fits best to your family

Bambi NUK Perfect Starter Set "Disney" Exclusive, design: Bambi
126.68 €

113.36 €

Lion King NUK Perfect Starter Set "Disney" Exclusive, design: Lion King
126.68 €

113.36 €

NUK Perfect Starterset "Disney" Exclusive - everything for the best start in life

article number:102-S5-116984

A complete and kidsroom-exclusive all-round carefree package for the start in life. Growing up with the Disney stars Bambi and The Lion King can be so easy with the high-quality NUK products - Made in Germany.

The exclusive set includes:

  • 1x NUK Vario Express Steam Sterilizer
  • 1x NUK Thermo 3in1 Bottle Warmer
  • 2x NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottle Tempersture Control, 300ml
  • 1x NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottle Temperature Control, 150ml
  • 2x NUK First Choice+ Silicone Teat Size 1 (0-6 months)
  • 2x NUK Disney Soother Trendline, silicone, size 1 (0-6 months)

Steam sterilizer from NUK - sterilizes quickly and reliably without chemicals

The NUK Vario Express Steam Sterilizer sterilizes up to 6 bottles with accessories in minutes. This modern kitchen appliance makes your work easier without taking up too much time. At the touch of a button, the Vario Express is electrically heated to bring the water inside to vaporization. The steam-based hot disinfection reliably eliminates 99.9% of germs - without the use of chemicals. The entire cleaning process takes place quickly, easily and, above all, reliably at the touch of a button.

NUK baby food warmer with defrost function

In the NUK Thermo 3in1 Bottle Warmer, you can heat the baby bottle particularly gently and evenly and keep it ready for consumption with the practical keep-warm function. Furthermore, the third function - defrosting - ensures a stress-free everyday life with your child. Not freshly cooked today? No problem, in no time the frozen meal is on the table and thanks to the gentle heating all important vitamins and nutrients are preserved.

Last but not least, the handling is absolutely user-friendly. The appealing designs of the innovative NUK household appliances for everyday baby use fit into any modern kitchen interior - chic, simple and simply indispensable! Make sure your new arrival gets off to the best start with our exclusive starter set from the quality brand NUK and enjoy the first moments of the exciting time of getting to know each other.

NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottles with Anti-Colic Air System - also suitable for breastfed babies

Each NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottle with Temperature Control is equipped with a jaw-friendly NUK silicone teat. As your child grows, the bottles can easily be combined with other NUK First Choice+ teats and attachments.

NUK First Choice feeding bottle with temperature control display

Its high-quality soft silicone drinking spout is soft, pleasantly smooth and leak-proof. Thanks to the NUK Air System, infant colic is reliably prevented. To ensure that little ones six months and older can easily grip the bottle, the handles are ergonomically shaped and equipped with anti-slip nubs.

Relaxed and safe feeding thanks to NUK Temperature Control

Bottle feeding for your child should never be too hot or too cold. But when is the right temperature reached? A challenge for new parents! That's exactly why the NUK First Choice+ baby bottles with Temperature Control function were developed.

This unique feature prevents your baby from feeding too hot after all. The NUK Temperature Control indicator changes color with the temperature of the bottle's contents. If the food is too hot, the otherwise blue display turns white. At best, the food should be at body temperature (37 °C) for feeding and corresponds to the middle shade of blue on the display.

No misalignment of teeth and jaws with NUK pacifiers

NUK pacifiers are particularly soothing. Thanks to the further development of the jaw-friendly NUK original shape according to the latest medical findings, the new NUK pacifier soothes better than ever before, because the familiar shape means that even breastfed babies accept this pacifier well. Breastfeeding mothers have confirmed that the NUK Trendline soother does not interfere with breastfeeding. So it provides relaxation and peace for some time even for new moms.

Button avoids pressure points in the prone and side positions. The clear silicone material is easy to clean and is particularly temperature resistant. It is free of harmful substances, boil-proof, odorless, transparent and has a smooth surface.

Product details NUK Vario Express Steam Sterilizer:

  • Age recommendation: suitable from birth
  • Suitable for up to 6 commercially available, boil-proof baby bottles and accessories
  • Disinfection fast and safe within 6 minutes (without heating phase)
  • Maximum flexibility due to removable basket and 6 adjustable bars
  • Pilot light and automatic shut-off
  • Modern, ergonomic design
  • Accessories: 1 bottle tongs, 1 accessory basket, 1 grid and 6 removable rods

Product Details NUK Thermo 3in1 Bottle Warmer:

  • Suitable for liquid and porridge food in commercially available jars
  • Gentle heating and thawing in a water bath
  • Time for heating: Paps jars approx. 12 minutes, milk bottles approx. 8 minutes
  • Automatic keep-warm setting after reaching the desired temperature
  • Simple and safe operation with rotary knob
  • Small, compact, space-saving and easy to clean
  • Technical data: 220-240 volts, 100 watts

Product Details NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottle with Temperature Control:

  • Baby bottle with temperature display
  • High-quality and non-toxic baby bottle made of polypropylene, BPA-free
  • Wide bottle neck for easy filling and cleaning
  • Easy-grip screw ring for effortless opening and closing
  • NUK First Choice+ silicone teat: natural and jaw-friendly; prevents colic thanks to improved Anti-Colic Air System
  • 300 ml baby bottle with First Choice+ silicone teat size 2 (6-18 months) M (medium fine hole for formula)
  • Exclusive Disney designs: Bambi or Lion King
  • Made in Germany

Product Details NUK First Choice Feeding Bottle with Temperature Control:

  • Leak-proof sippy bottle made of robust, unbreakable polypropylene (PP), BPA free
  • Easy transition to independent drinking
  • 150 ml First Choice baby bottle with extra-wide bottle opening, screw ring, closure plate and protective cap
  • NUK Temperature Control: the indicator gives the security that drinking from the sippy cup bottle is not too hot. If the drink is too hot, the otherwise blue indicator turns white
  • Ergonomic handles with anti-slip nubs for a secure grip
  • Soft, leak-proof silicone drinking spout for babies 6 months and older
  • Can be combined with all NUK First Choice products
  • Silicone spout: tested for harmful substances, BPA-free, tasteless and extremely durable
  • Exclusive Disney designs: Bambi or Lion King
  • Made in Germany

Product Details NUK Disney Soother Trendline, Silicone:

  • Soother suitable from birth - good acceptance even with breastfed babies
  • Improved jaw-friendly NUK original shape - based on the female breast during breastfeeding, which fits perfectly in the mouth when the baby sucks on it
  • Thin and narrow teat neck reduces pressure on jaw and teeth
  • Flat sucking part and smooth underside - for a pleasant mouth feel and plenty of room for the natural sucking movement
  • Anatomically shaped mouth plate made of high-quality plastic (BPA-free)
  • Flat pacifier head to avoid pressure points in prone and side position
  • Sucking part made of silicone - free of harmful substances, boil-proof, odorless, transparent
  • Size 1 (0 - 6 months)
  • Supplied in a pack of 2
  • Exclusive Disney designs: Bambi or Lion King
  • Made in Germany

Product Details NUK First Choice+ Teat, Silicone:

  • Silicone teat: tested for harmful substances, BPA-free, tasteless and extremely durable
  • Natural and orthodontically correct: based on the mother's breast during breastfeeding
  • New soft zone on the sucking part: even softer for a natural drinking sensation
  • Prevents colic: improved Anti-Colic Air System
  • Suitable for all NUK First Choice+ bottles and NUK breast milk containers
  • Extra fine holes, suitable for tea or breast milk (hole size S)
  • Sizes 1 (0-6 months)
  • Supplied in a pack of 2
  • Made in Germany


Perfect Starter Set "Disney" Exclusive

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Back in 1956, the now familiar asymmetrical shape of modern bottle teats and soothers made from silicone or latex was a sensational innovation introduced by the German brand NUK and offering parents an orthodontically superior alternative to classic symmetrical soothers. Almost 60 years on, NUK, with its e...

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