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NUK Trainer beaker set

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    NUK Trainer beaker set, Design: BoyBoy

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NUK set of Trinklern

with each 1 x Starter Cup, Magic Cup, fun Cup, and 1 x free replacement drinking spout and replacement straw

  • 1 x NUK Starter Cup, 220 ml, with leakproof soft drink spout, 6 months
  • 1 x NUK Magic Cup, 250 ml, new rim, sealed silicone disc, 8 months
  • 1 x NUK fun Cup, 300 ml, with retractable Straw made of silicone, 18 months
  • Free1 x NUK spare drinking spout Starter Cup
  • Free1 x NUK replacement straw fun Cup

NUK easy learning Starter Cup, 200 ml, leak-proof soft drink spout made of silicone, 6 months +, BPA free

Learn to drink with the NUK easy learning Trinklernprogramm.

While the child is sucking at the breast or on the drinking cleaner with the mouth automatically wraps the cleaner or the breast he formed to an "O". To drink from a cup right, the child must open your mouth slightly upward and form as a 'U'. The more a child ruled this new mouth shape, the easier and smoother drinking from a glass he succeeds later.

The specially designed ergonomic drinking essays of the NUK easy Learning cups are adapted to the age-appropriate motor skills of the child. They were developed to facilitate the transition from the wrapping of the bottle teat ("O") to the Open Cup drinking ("U").

1 step: learn drinking

The NUK easy learning Starter Cup the baby gently on the Cup drinking prepares. So far, the baby only to the soft mother's breast or the drinking cup was accustomed to.

To allow smooth habituation to the edge of the Cup, the baby in the first step of a soft silicone Trinktülle learns to drink. The soft mouth piece of the NUK easy learning feels Starter cups like a drinking cleaner, but the shape is modeled after already the edge of a Cup. So, the child is slowly introduced to the "U" mouth shape. Ergonomic non-slip handles promote child-friendly motor skills and give stability.

This gives the child a familiar mouth feel and the security that needs to learn to drink.

NUK easy learning Starter Cup - for the smooth transition to Cup drinking

NUK Magic Cup 250 ml, new rim, sealed silicone disc, 8 months, polypropylene

Certainly many parents wish it had a little magic when it comes to introduce their children to independent drinking from a cup or glass. Because what is matter of course for the great, the little ones must learn once. The Magic Cup is suitable for children from 8 months and support for this important step of developing sophisticated design.

New rim

The new rim of the cups can be used equally by each side. Children can apply to the lips at any point of the Cup, and as soon as they suck on the edge of the Cup, the seal opens.

Spill-proof and klecker-free

The sealed silicone disc prevents spill and spill the drink.

Easy to clean
The handling and cleaning are easy. The Cup consists of three parts, which can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Drinking learning system
The Cup is made of high quality polypropylene, contains 250 ml and easy learning series is compatible with all elements of the NUK.

NUK Magic Cup: Drinking learn "child's play" - and with a little magic.

NUK easy Learning Cup FUN 300 ml, with retractable Straw made of silicone, for children aged 18 months, BPA free

If children play at home, play and discover the world, it is sometimes not so easy to remind them of important drinking for MOM and dad. The little ones reach the recommended drinking amount per day easy with the NUK Learning Cup FUN playful, because with a soft silicone straw drinking is fun! In addition, three imaginative motifs stimulate the imagination of little explorers.

New locking system

The straw in the lid can be sink with a twist. And a turn in the other direction is enough to bring him back into the upright position for drinking.

Safe and hygienic

In the lid of the drinking straw is safe and hygienically protected - a separate CAP is therefore not necessary for this Cup!

Spill-proof and klecker-free

Thanks to the proven NUK special valve remains no residual liquid in the straw. So there is no spill and splash also when the Cup is opened!

Drinking learning system

The NUK easy learning Cup fun is an ideal complement to the NUK easy Learning cups with which children learn independent drinking from a Cup. The NUK easy Learning Cup FUN - for kids who have the knack ´ out drinking!

NUK soft straw silicone Flexi Cup / easy learning Cup fun, leak-proof, BPA free, transparent

Children who already own can drink from a Cup, like to do this with a straw. With the NUK Flexi Cup (24 months, ideal for on the go) and the NUK easy learning Cup fun (18 months +, which added easy Learning cups range) you can easy and playful the drinking amount recommended by nutritionists about the day. And without having to spill: the valve provides leak protection and prevents that residual liquid remains in the straw. So any drink residues from the stalk can squirt even with the opening of the Cup.

A silicone straw for the two NUK cups as a spare part is included in the set. Should the straw be so worn out or lost, can the straw can easily be replaced without requiring a new Cup must be purchased.

Please note that you must cut off Cup fun some of the lower part of the straw easy learning for use with the NUK, because it is too long.

NUK Flexi Cup and easy learning Cup fun - 100% drinking fun for children.


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