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Travel high chair

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360° Hook On Chair




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Booster Seat Pocket Snack




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Travel high chair for a safe seating option on the go

Travelling with children can be quite challenging and stressful for parents. Especially, while having meals in unfamiliar surroundings some children are most likely to be distracted and hard to stop fidgeting – that is when parents are thankful for any help. A travel high chair helps you maintain your routines and rituals while offering a flexible alternative to standard high chairs. Provided that you opt for the right high chair and know how to attach it securely, it supplies a safe seating option for your child. Here you can find carefully selected highchairs that make your adventures away from home a total success.

Hook-on high chairs

A light and flexible version of travel high chairs is the hook-on high chair which brings your child close to the table. As its name already implies, a hook-on high chair does not require any base, but can be easily attached to the table top instead. This, however, requires two things: First, you need a table, to which the high chair is to be hooked on, that is sufficiently stable and a table top which is large and thick enough to hold the high chair. Second, a hook-on high chair is rather suitable for a baby or an infant who is light in weight. One of the major benefits of a hook-on high chair is its flexibility. The direct mounting and easy assembly of the high chair doesn’t make it bulky and thus, it is perfect for being used as a safe seating option for your child in small rooms. When folded or disassembled, you can easily transport the high chair. Its major disadvantage is that it lacks comfort. Since the high chair is made of a rod system and cover material, comfortable cushions, pads or upholstery in general are usually missed out.

Safe and comfortable: A high chair for chairs

Unlike hook-on high chairs, classic portable high chairs can be attached on top of a regular chair. These rather compact helpers are similar to some child safety seats for the car or a high chair with a shortened base. A detachable tray can be used during your little one’s mealtimes and for playing on. Ideally, this kind of high chair can be adjusted in height and adapted to the height of the regular chair and table. This way, your child can sit at eye-level with you and enjoy his meals together with the family as usual. A major benefit of this high chair is its comfort: Being equipped with a high backrest which supplies your child with optimum support and built-in cushions or pads, the high chair offers ultimate seating comfort. Depending on the type, a relatively high weight of the high chair can be a disadvantage. Most high chairs come with a carry bag when delivered which makes them particularly easy to transport. When you opt for this kind of travel high chair, you need to keep in mind that it requires a regular chair which is stable, wide and deep enough.

A “light” travel high chair: The booster seat

This “light” version of a travel high chair is a simple booster seat which, in many cases, is just a thick piece of upholstery or plastic. A booster seat enables your child to sit at the table with mum and dad in an elevated position. The most important thing about a booster seat is its correct mounting: A version which lies loosely on top of the seat of a chair can easily slip out of place and thus be a safety hazard. That is why, a booster seat should feature a safety belt as well as belts or straps with which it can be attached to the chair. Furthermore, it is important that a booster seat comes with a non-slip bottom side so that it stays put even if your little one is moving. Booster seats are less suitable for a baby, since he or she requires much more support while sitting in a high chair. That is why, they are rather designed for infants and toddlers and adapt to the shape of the chair to which they are attached.

Things to pay attention to before buying a travel high chair

Travel high chairs supply your baby or infant with a safe seating option while travelling and the opportunity to take their meals together with mom and dad. In order to prevent the travel high chair from being a safety hazard, it is important to pay attention to a couple of things before buying a travel high chair:

  • Your child should be able to sit unaided
  • Make sure to check the high chair’s maximum weight capacity
  • Watch out for the high chair’s adjustability and adaptability
  • A safety belt (at least a lap belt) is essential
  • Check on the respective admission restrictions such as minimum and maximum thickness of the table top for hook-on high chairs

Furthermore, it is useful to pay attention to the high chair’s weight and opt for a version which comes with a carry bag, carrying strap or a sufficiently large carrying handle.

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We offer you a careful selection of travel high chairs from well-known manufacturers. All items on this page are of high quality and have safety mechanisms that reliably protect your child. If you are unsure which product suits you and your child best or if you have questions about individual items, we will be happy to help you. Our service team is here for you and is happy to take time for you.

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