Are you an expecting mom and cannot wait to show your little one the world? Are you already equipped with the right buggy or pushchair for your adventurous activities? If not, you are absolutely right here. At, we offer premium models from well-known brands such as Easywalker, Chicco, Cybex and more – that way, you’ll definitely find a buggy or pushchair which is perfect for you and your child.

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Buggies & Pushchairs – the best solution for mobile families

From the moment you bring your baby home, to when s/he starts to walk around and climb your furniture, a stroller, buggy or pushchair is an essential accessory for when being on the go. In infancy, the regular stroller, which was often used at the beginning as a place for your child to sleep, plays only a minor role for little explorers, which is why it is recommended to think about purchasing a buggy or pushchair as soon as your little one takes the first steps and explores the world on their own. Compared to strollers, buggies and pushchairs can be transported and manoeuvred much easier due to their low weight, both when folded and unfolded. Whether on the playground, on the road or in the car – buggies and pushchairs can easily be taken along in a small space at any time, so they are always ready for use whenever they are needed. Even if your child gets tired when being out and about, a buggy or pushchair stands out at as a loyal companion as it usually also features an adjustable backrest with resting position.

What features should you look for when buying a buggy or pushchair?

Most top brands, such as Britax Römer, Babyzen or Quinny, offer models that are either better suited for city life or rural living. That's why you should always consider where you go for most of your trips and strolls before you buy a model. No matter if you frequently use public transport, if you prefer off-road adventures with your child, or frequent long-distance car rides – in order to find an ideal companion, we recommend you to choose a buggy or pushchair that suits your baby's needs and your lifestyle best. Therefore, depending on your lifestyle, you should pay attention to the following top features:

Compatibility with public transport:

Taking a buggy or pushchair on a train, metro or bus can be a real fight and a nightmare for mom, dad and other fellow passengers – but it does not have to be that way. If public transport is part of your daily life, you should choose a buggy or pushchair that:

  • is light in weight and foldable, which makes getting in and out easier
  • is small & narrow enough to push it on a bus or train
  • has wheels that are big enough so they do not get stuck in the gaps between the pavement and the bus or the platform and the train
  • fits into designated spaces for pushchairs in buses and trains

Compatibility with your own car:

If you often spend your time getting from point A to point B by car, a buggy or pushchair that can be transformed into a travel system by using adapters is just the right thing for you. So-called travel systems come with a stroller incl. chassis, a carrycot and an infant car seat. That way, you can easily take your baby from the car to the next destination without waking them up. All you have to do is to remove the infant car seat from the car, attach it to the chassis and off you go. Therefore, you should look for buggies and pushchairs that:

  • are compatible with an infant car seat and/ or carrycot
  • are light enough to frequently put them into and lift them out of the car boot
  • can be folded to a compact size to minimise space in the car boot

Compatibility with an active lifestyle:

If you live in the fast lane when it comes to sports and fitness and you do not want to give up your lifestyle even with a child, you’ll definitely need a buggy or pushchair that is suitable for off-road use. These models are great for frequent walks in the park or strolls on forest paths. They provide stability and a customisable push bar for maximum comfort when being on the move. Look for buggies and pushchairs, which feature:

  • large wheels for comfortable navigation on different surfaces (three-wheeled buggies or pushchairs are a good choice here)
  • excellent suspension that can easily cope with a brisk morning walk or hike
  • an adjustable push bar for more comfort and adaptability to different sizes

In terms of these core properties, it is definitely worth testing different models, if possible. For example, you can make a list of questions or characteristics that are important to you and work your way through it for making the right choice.

Important questions are above all:

  • How easy is it (the buggy or pushchair) to manoeuvre?
  • How robust/ sturdy does it look?
  • Is there a reversible seat unit?
  • Are folding and storing easy both at home and in the car?
  • Are the brakes easy to operate and does the buggy or pushchair feel safe in parking mode?
  • Can a buggy board or ride-on board be used so that older siblings can rest or ride along with?
  • What is the total width of the buggy/ pushchair?

Which accessories do you need?

Often you can already get most of the accessories with the buggy or pushchair together in a practical set. If this is not the case, you can upgrade or expand your new companion with the necessary accessories. Very important accessories are a rain cover or a sun canopy (some are equipped with a UV protection and mosquito net) or an additional sunshade. For the cold season, it is advisable to buy a footmuff, so that your little one is always cuddled up and feels warm. Many parents also buy toys that can be attached to the play bar – this is particularly convenient for keeping your child busy, but also a cute eye-catcher when you're on the move.

Selected buggies & pushchairs on

Babyzen Buggy YOYO + incl. Textile set 6+

Travel fans beware! The Babyzen Buggy YOYO+ is one of the smallest buggies on the market and perfect for all families who love to travel. In addition to its small folding size, the YOYO+ scores with an extremely low weight of only 6.2 kg – ideal for being stored in small car boots or for being used as carry-on luggage when travelling by plane. The Textile Set 6+ which is included in delivery, comes with a seat cover and a canopy and is available in different colours. Even in terms of comfort, the YOYO+ incl. Textile set 6+ can easily cope with the features of a bigger buggy: The soft cover provides your little explorer from 6 months and up with a cosy place to relax, nap or contemplate the world. The canopy with UV protection 50+ is made of a water-repellent material so that even a small shower on the way won’t do any harm to your little one. In addition to this, the YOYO+ is equipped with excellent single-wheel suspension, with which it will master trips on uneven terrain or bumpy roads easily. Another highlight of the YOYO+ is that you can use it even right from birth, when combined with the textile set 0+ which is separately available.

Britax B-MOTION 4 Plus incl. Canopy Pack

The Britax B-MOTION 4 plus including Canopy Pack is the ultimate all-round buggy that stands out as a loyal companion in any weather and on any surface. Its lightweight aluminium chassis with rear-wheel suspension and breakdown-proof wheels contributes to maximum comfort when being out and about. The B-MOTION 4 Plus has also a practical one-hand folding mechanism and an automatic folding lock. When folded, it features a small folding size and is also freestanding. The Britax Canopy Pack, which includes a large canopy with sun protection and a cover for the play bar, makes the B-MOTION 4 Plus complete. There is also an adjustable footrest and a backrest with a flat lying position – that way, your little explorer can take a nap on the go and relax from exciting outings. The B-MOTION 4 Plus provides plenty of storage space thanks to a large pocket in the canopy and a shopping basket under the seat, which are just perfect for storing small purchases and baby essentials needed when being on the go. Furthermore, the B-MOTION 4 Plus features a removable Click & Go adapter, which makes it compatible with all Britax Römer infant car seats and Britax carrycots.

Easywalker Buggy XS

With the Easywalker Buggy XS, you decide for a full-fledged buggy which is hard to beat in terms of functionality, design and comfort. The lightweight chap with a small folding size, swivel front wheels and 4-wheel suspension cuts a fine figure, especially in the urban jungle. With its padded seat, a backrest that can be fully reclined and a 5-point harness, the Buggy XS provides your child with a cosy and safe spot wherever you go. Other comfort features that make the XS complete are the XL canopy with UV protection 50+, a rain cover and a practical safety bar. The Easywalker buggy XS is also great for travelling as the smooth-running one-hand folding and steering mechanism make it particularly convenient for when being on the go. Furthermore, the XS is freestanding when folded and thus, can be easily stored on the train or in small vehicles. This all-round buggy is complemented by a spacious shopping basket in which you can store everything you need for your trips with your child.

Choose the perfect buggy or pushchair for you & your child

Since there are so many great models, choosing a buggy or pushchair can be quite overwhelming for many parents. Before finding your “perfect match”, you need to consider when and for which activities you plan to use your new companion most frequently. All our buggies and pushchairs have been tested for their user-friendliness. In addition to this, we offer individual purchase advice – that way, you as a mom or dad can be sure that you decide for a loyal companion, which brings you and your child ultimate pleasure for the longest possible time.

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