If you are an active parent and love running outdoors, you can even do this with your baby, provided your little one is well fastened in a suitable stroller – the so-called jogging stroller. While a classic stroller or pram is not suitable for jogging or running with a baby and can even be very dangerous for your child, a jogging stroller is specifically designed for higher speeds. Asphalted roads are perfect for the jogging stroller, since it runs smoothly and free from any vibration so that your baby can sleep peacefully or else enjoy the dynamic view.

Jogging Stroller

Choosing the right jogging stroller

A classic stroller is by no means suitable for being out and about running with your little one. In some circumstances it might even bear a risk of fatal injury for your child. When you are looking for a jogging stroller, you should pay attention to superb suspension which absorbs shocks on uneven roads perfectly. In terms of the wheels, you should keep in mind: the larger they are the better the jogging stroller can be manoeuvred. Large wheels provide less rolling friction while responding less to irregularities of the surface you are driving on. In order to make sure that the jogging stroller is easy to manoeuvre outdoors, most models feature three wheels only. The single wheel is mounted on a separate axle and thus guarantees good steering as well as high manoeuvrability if you are travelling fast on forest and meadow paths. Furthermore, three-wheeled jogging strollers feature an increased driving stability. This way, the risk of tipping over is almost completely eliminated.

Five features you need to look for when buying a jogging stroller

  • chassis with full suspension
  • Large wheels
  • Three-wheeled design
  • easy to adjust height of push bar
  • safety lanyard for your wrist

The right running technique with a jogging stroller

If you are out and about running while pushing a jogging stroller, you need to adapt your running technique. Since your arms cannot swing freely while running with a jogging stroller, your habitual motor activities are restricted significantly. In order to ensure that the jogging stroller is under control at all times, one hand of yours is always supposed to remain tightly on the push bar of the jogging stroller. Make sure that the other arm can swing freely as usual while jogging or running. Alternate between the arms while pushing the running stroller. Another important step is to adjust the push bar according to your height and stride. This way, your child is supplied with a smooth running ride and you can run more comfortably, too. Running with a jogging stroller can be even easier if you don’t run right behind the stroller but slightly offset to one side. This way, you can bend your arms as usual. Depending on your running track, a safety belt or lanyard can come in super handy since it keeps you connected with the jogging stroller and prevents it from drifting into another direction.

The age of your child matters

Running outdoors with a jogging stroller is perfect for keeping fit and healthy and for being out in the fresh air with your child. But always keep in mind that you are running with a child aboard and thus choose the right running tracks and routes. The bumpier a path is, the more your child is shaken up in the stroller. This can be quite dangerous for new-born babies because their muscular system is not yet strong enough to absorb shocks. That is why, you should start running on smooth, asphalted roads or paths instead, because there are no irregularities that can cause shocks and the jogging stroller can be manoeuvred much easier than on uneven forest paths.

The gentle jolting while riding in the jogging stroller calms many children and thus they fall asleep much easier. This is when your little one won’t even notice that you are running with him at a faster pace. Do not start your running workout until your child can hold his head unaided while sitting. That is usually at the age of seven to nine months. Even if you find it hard to restrain: But until then you should either run alone or wait patiently. Your workout should never exceed forty-five minutes – and always make sure you lift your little one out of the stroller when having a short break.

Do not start off-road running until your child has reached toddler age

Do not start running on country lanes, forest and meadow paths until your little one has reached toddler age. Only then, the muscles in the trunk and neck have grown strong enough to support your child and to absorb shocks. In order to be on the safe side, you should consult a paediatrician first. When you are ready to go, you need to make sure that your child is supplied with comfort and safety while sitting or lying in the jogging stroller. A safety harness – as known from child car seats – is important and should always be used. The belt needs to be adaptable to the size of your child in order to prevent him or her from slipping through it. Depending on your pace, a safety belt which doesn’t fit properly can be very dangerous for your little one. Not only your child should be fastened with a belt, but you as well: being equipped with a safety belt or lanyard makes sure that the jogging stroller stays where you want it to. The lanyard connects your wrist with the stroller and thus provides sufficient safety.

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