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Buggy Boards – Just hop on and the journey can begin

If you have two children but don't want to buy a double stroller to accommodate both children, you should consider buying a buggy board. With its flat wooden or plastic surface on wheels, this ride-on board looks a bit like a skateboard and is mostly suitable for children between 2 and 6 years weighing up to 22 kg.

The most common type of the buggy board is the platform to stand on, such as the Easyboard by Easywalker. This type of ride-on board is usually attached to the rear axle of the stroller so that your little one can effortlessly mount it as soon as their little legs get tired.

There are also 2-in-1 buggy boards that can even be used as independent scooters and are suitable for older and more adventurous children.

In addition to these two versions, there are also buggy boards on the market that offer the option of installing a seat, such as the Babyzen ride-on board. Here your child can decide for themselves whether they would prefer to ride in a standing or sitting position.

Important features to consider when buying a buggy board:

Compatibility: When buying a buggy board, you should make sure that it is compatible with your stroller. Some brands offer universal connectors that can be used to attach the board to any stroller, while others are only designed for being used with a specific type of stroller or stroller brand. You should also keep in mind that each board has its own specifications regarding age or weight, which is particularly important for safety and functionality.

Usability: Some buggy boards can be quite complicated, and if a whining, impatient toddler is added to this, it can be quite exhausting for mom and dad. Therefore, the board you choose should be easy to use. We recommend choosing a model that is equipped with a folding mechanism. That way, you can simply fold it when not in use and will not be affected when pushing the stroller.

Safety: When buying a ride-on board, you should make sure that it has a non-slip surface to give your child optimal support while riding on it. You should also check that you have full access to the stroller brakes when using the board.

Durability: Good materials and robust wheels are absolutely obligatory. Most boards are made of metal and plastic, some, like the Quinny ride-on board on which your child can ride while sitting, are made of bamboo or wood.

Buy buggy boards on kidsroom.de

Buggy boards stand out as super-practical companions if you have an active toddler but no additional space in the buggy. They are available in different sizes and shapes and can all be attached to the back of the stroller. The best buggy boards are safe, easy to use and made of durable materials that will cut a fine figure no matter what. Are you ready for a buggy board? Then just take a look in our shop or get some advice from our experts.

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