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Rocking Toy Giraffe with Safety Bar




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Rocking Chair for Children




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Rocking toys for more fun in the nursery

For many of us, rocking toys bring back memories of a carefree childhood. Whether baby or toddler – this toy is rightly loved by the little ones. This allows children to fully act out their urge to move, and train their motor skills in a playful way. Rocking animals are not only great fun, they are also a great eye-catcher in the nursery. Here you can find a careful selection of toys that your child can use to rock back and forth at home.

Rocking toys – innovative versions that have something for everyone

In addition to the classic wooden rocking horse, there are now countless versions of rocking toys. Whether that be donkey, bear or vehicle - in our kidsroom.de online shop, you can find a careful selection of different kinds of this popular classic. It doesn't always have to be a horse or a unicorn. Boys in particular like to be fascinated by everything that has wheels. Therefore, scooters and rocking cars are ideal for little racers. The first rocking toy is usually something very special for children. The little ones not only like to play with it, they often see it as their friend or companion, whom they take care of and to whom they want to pay a lot of attention. In this respect, when choosing the rocking toy, it’s worth to think carefully about what your child likes and what his or her heart beats for.

Wood, plush or plastic - which material is the right one?

In the past, toys were primarily made of wood. Today the manufacturing material can be very different and can also be combined with one another. The question of the right material therefore often arises. Although there is a wide variety of these, many parents value toys made from natural materials. This is usually very robust, durable and also sustainable. This means that future siblings can also enjoy it for a long time.

We offer you some models that are made of wood, fabric, plush or MDF and are extremely resilient. The bright colours and shapes as well as the cuddly plush make your child's eyes beam with joy.

Safe rocking fun at home

In order to make sure that your little one is supplied with a toy that thrills and delights them you should pay special attention to its quality. The prize and look of the toy must not be the only criteria you have to consider when buying a rocking horse for your little one. Child-oriented design and high-quality materials of a rocking horse are confirmed by the CE marking all products sold in the EU must feature.

Another contributing factor for the safety of a rocking horse is not only its workmanship but its equipment. Babies younger than one year of age should have a rocking horse which features a backrest. In addition to the backrest, there are also many animal rockers or rocking horses with safety belts that prevent your child from slipping off. If you have decided for a rocking horse with a safety belt, you should still make sure that your little doesn’t use his new toy unattended. A sudden urge for adventure and climbing ambitions can otherwise lead to injuries. In order to ensure maximum safety for your child on his rocking horse, you should look for a model that comes in a size which matches the size of your little one. An animal rocker or rocking horse with a suitable size enables your child to mount and dismount easily. If the toy comes with other options to hold tight to such as a horse’s mane or reins which can be used in addition to the classic handles on the rocking horse’s head, your little one is ready to enjoy riding on his new toy.

An animal rocker or rocking horse is much more than just a toy

Rocking horses have been very popular parts of the equipment in the nursery for many centuries because they are much more than just normal toys. In order to enjoy the rocking motion your little one has to get active himself instead of being pushed as is the case with common swings. Riding on a rocking horse requires many different motion sequences which are fostered and trained in a playful way while your little one sits on this cheerful fellow. Important skills such as standing and sitting upright are trained while your little one’s sense of balance is fostered at the same time.

Another great benefit of the rocking horse is the calming effect it can have on your child. The gentle rocking motions have a relaxing effect on your little one. That way, they can not only reduce excess energy and let off steam, but also calm down and relax while playing.

Benefits of animal rockers & rocking horses

There are many positive effects your child can benefit from when playing with a rocking toy. We have summarised the most important advantages for you here:

  • Encourage child to move
  • Foster important motor skills
  • Promote standing and sitting upright
  • Foster the development of the sense of balance
  • Rocking motions have a calming effect
  • Resilient and durable toys

Buy rocking toys online on kidsroom.de

For many of us, a rocking toy is a nostalgic reminder of their great-grandparents' times or their own childhood. Do you feel the same? Then take a look around our website and find modern designs that bring the fun of the classic rocking horse into today's play world. It doesn't matter whether you prefer a classic or modern design: your child will be absolutely thrilled to have their own toy to rock on, play with and run around in their nursery. Beautifully packaged as a Christmas present or a birthday gift, you can make your child's eyes shine and bring a lot of joy into your home.

If you have any questions about our rocking toys or are not sure which one to choose, give us a call and let us know how we can help you. We will be happy to provide you with information and look forward to receiving your questions.

Your team at kidsroom.de

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