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Ball tracks - the classic toys in every nursery

Nowadays, there are so many different types of toys on the market that choosing the right one for your child can be quite confusing. However, if there is one thing that can be considered an all-time classic, it is the ball track. It's the kind of toy your child will never get bored of, regardless of their age.

When buying a toy for their child, parents usually have two questions in mind:

Will this toy encourage my child's development?

Providing plenty of fun is of course the focus of every toy, but ball tracks can do a lot more, because they are great for the development of your child’s motor skills and cognitive abilities. When assembling the track with mom or dad, they not only train their dexterity, but also learn how to build the construction so that the balls roll to the target at the highest possible speed and do not get stuck anywhere. Also, when it comes to solving problems, your child is trained early on, as they have to align the pieces correctly and put them together so that the straights, curves and tunnels work as a unit and allow the balls to pass through to the end of the track.

Playing with a ball track can also have other benefits for children. For example, toddlers can use it to get to know colours and shapes, and at the same time train visual thinking. That way, your little one can develop an interest in science and technology at a very young age. In addition to this, the multi-coloured ball tracks help to understand physics, gravity and cause and effect way better than other toys.

Is the toy safe for my child?

All ball tracks you can find on kidsroom.de have been tried and tested thoroughly, and are completely safe for your child. Nevertheless, we recommend that you read the age recommendation and safety regulations given by the manufacturer and familiarise yourself with the special features of the respective product.

The colourful ball tracks by HABA are characterised above all by their resilience. They have a low height, good stability and guarantee a particularly light assembly. The cheerful balls that can be bought either as a set or as an accessory for the HABA ball tracks, feature a diameter of 5 cm so that there is no risk of suffocation. The ball tracks by Smartmax leave nothing to be desired in terms of safety. The large building blocks they offer are particularly easy to grip for children’s small hands.

Little explorers under the age of 4 year in particular, have the insatiable urge to put everything into their mouths. Therefore, pay attention to smaller parts that connect a curve and a straight, for example. These can easily break or break off and thus become a hazard to your child. Even if your child is already familiar with the ball track and plays with it regularly, it is advisable to keep an eye on them while playing. Then nothing can go wrong and there is nothing standing in the way of a fun and exciting round of speedy ball track races.

Buy ball tracks online on kidsroom.de

There are many great ball tracks you can buy for your child and even for the whole family. Your purchase decision may depend on the type of material used, the number of parts included in the set or the possible accessories. Whether you opt for an introductory set, one for advanced ball-track fans, or an extensive set – it will definitely turn out to be a fun and educational activity your child can enjoy with you and other family members. On kidsroom.de, you can find ball tracks, as well as colourful accessories by HABA, Smartmax and others. Take a look around in our online shop and get a ball track for the ultimate rolling fun!

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