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Ball Path Bath Fun – Big Water Labyrinth




42.01 €


Bath Toy “Sophie la Griafe”

Bath Toy “Sophie la Griafe” -  * This amazing bath toy will bring ultimate fun into your bathroom.




10.08 €


Bath Toy "Billy the Octopus"





14.28 €

Bath toys for even more fun in the bathtub

Body care and bathing are two of the most important things in the life of new-born babies and infants. Bath toys are educationally worthwhile items that complement your little one’s fun in the bathtub and ensure that your tiny captain feels comfortable and safe when being bathed. Exploring oneself and the world around are two of the main things your child does during their first months of life. High-quality bath toys make it particularly easy for your child to get acquainted with the element of water. In order to make sure that your baby can enjoy bathing with all of their senses, supplying them with variety during the bathing sessions is important. Add some appealing bath toys to your child’s daily bathing routine and thus create an atmosphere full of fun and entertainment.

Bath toys for little explorers

Children love to explore their surroundings. That is why, it is important to provide your child with some variety – even in the bathtub. Getting acquainted with the natural elements in a playful way creates the base for your little one’s further life. Selected baby bath toys by Haba and other renowned manufacturers enable your child to feel, taste, smell and make their first experiences with the laws of physics. Bath toys can squeak, splash, shovel, and paddle, and thus, teach your child some basic things that explain the world to them. Why does a boat float? And what happens, when I throw water from one bucket into another? Getting acquainted with water, bath toys such as squirters, water mills and the like will also promote your child’s motor skills in a playful way. Bath toys are not only cheerful companions while bathing but help your child learn important things they will need later in life.

A rubber duck conquers the world

Almost every child has one or two of these cute and adorable bath companions stand on the rim of the bathtub – the bright yellow rubber duck. This little friend is perfect for splashing happily and having fun in the water. But a rubber duck is much more than a squeaking pleasure. It provides the opportunity for important role plays and allows your child to make their first haptic experiences. “Grasping” is one of the most rudimentary things that help your child at a very early age to find their way around in a world which is still strange to them. When your child manages to get a squeak out of the rubber duck for the first time, they will be absolutely thrilled by this achievement.

The success of the rubber duck goes back to the cult series Sesame Street in which the popular Muppet Ernie delighted kids and parents in many countries all over the world with his cute rubber duck song. But also Loriot, a German comedian, and his famous sketches remain in our memories. For many years the rubber duck has become established as a bathtub companion for children and adults alike. By now the little plastic duck is available in many colours and different designs.

Whether that be as a princess, a policeman, in a bright blue colour or as an XXL rubber duck – this adorable toy fosters the creativity of your child and offers plenty of possibilities for role plays. No matter if your child loves to play in a silent and calm way or in a rather savage way – allow your little one’s play instinct full bent. No matter if you accompany them with a funny song or make a race with several little rubber ducks in the bathtub – these toys will definitely bring ultimate fun into every bathtub. By the way, if it all got a bit too wild and your bathroom is covered in puddles: Keep calm, it’s just water that can wiped away easily.

Bath toys by HABA

HABA is a renowned manufacturer that stands for baby and children’s toys in premium quality. With their educational games and accessories, HABA has managed to occupy an important position amongst the best toy manufacturers in Germany. The child-oriented designs do not only delight babies and children but also parents. When it comes to the fulfilment of safety standards and the use of harmless and safe materials, HABA demands the highest standards of themselves. Thus, you as parents can trust in the quality of bath toys made by HABA. The colourful bath accessories by HABA will delight you and your baby by bringing ultimate fun into your bathroom. Our online shop also offers adorable and certified bath toys by other renowned manufacturers and brands such as HABA, chicco, Vtech, Tomy and many more. The wide range offered has definitely something for everyone.

A wide range of bath toys is available online on

Apart from the classic rubber duck, there is a wide range of products that turn every bathing session into the funniest experience.

  • Squirters
  • Little ships and boats
  • Bath animals
  • Little buckets
  • Shovels
  • Watermills
  • Watering cans
  • Water balls
  • Bath books

These and many more adorable toys and products provide variety for your child while bathing. The range of entertaining bath toys that turn the daily bathing routine into an ultimate highlight is huge. The cheerful companions that come in bright colours will make your little one enjoy their daily body care. Being equipped with the right bath toy will promote your child’s play instinct, foster their creativity and ensure ultimate fun while taking a bath.

Even more fun while bathing – for baby and child

In order to make sure that the daily bathing routine is going to be the utmost wellness experience for your child, products and accessories such as a cuddly bath robe, colourful play soaps and scented bath additives must not be missed out. Also, there are beautiful accessories that help your store all your child’s bath toys in a space-saving way. This way, keeping everything in order will be fun for both parents and child. Crackling and fizzing bath beads, child-appropriate shampoo that won’t irritate your little one’s eyes and many other convenient helpers turn body care into a delightful experience that is accompanied by joy and pleasure.

Our carefully selected range has got everything you need for the ultimate bathing fun with your child. If you are looking for a very specific product or if you have questions about individual items, we will be happy to help you. Just give us a call – we are here for you.

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