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Games & puzzles for early childhood education

Games and puzzles are not only fun, they also give your child the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities. Here you can find carefully selected toys that playfully promote your child's creativity and social skills, while reducing stress and bringing a lot of fun with them. Get inspired!

Understanding the world and learning by playing

The first two years of a child's life are extremely important for their development. During this time, toddlers develop their first "sense of their self" by learning to differentiate themselves from others. This development is encouraged by a child's first teachers - their parents. Parents are probably the most important influencing factors and caregivers for babies and children. They particularly shape the first phase of their life and have a significant influence on the child's early learning process.

Nowadays, even the very youngest have fun with digital games on tablets computers or smartphones. While online apps and games are great ways to explain the world and entertain children, they only stimulate certain areas of a toddler's brain, while other areas are developed less or not at all. Traditional (board) games and puzzles, while more time consuming for parents, allow all areas of their child's brain to be involved. Another unbeatable advantage of such offline games is that they give families the opportunity to learn together and grow together even further.

That is why it is important to many parents to find educationally valuable and meaningful toys outside the digital realm. And that is also highly recommended. In fact, research has shown that games and puzzles have numerous advantages for the development of young children. Thus, playing is rightly an integral part of early child education.

Age-appropriate products for lots of fun in the nursery

By providing fun and educational opportunities for your child to play and explore the world, you can turn their playtime into a learning experience. Baby and children's books as well as games and puzzles should always correspond to the age and level of development of your child. While most of the products available already have a recommended age mark, it is still a good idea to use your child's abilities to determine if they are ready for a particular activity or item.

Small children between the ages of 1 and 2 should have the opportunity to explore their world with toys that encourage them to sing, dance and participate. It is important that not only the tokens, but also other accessories are designed in an appealing and age-appropriate way. This way, your child is encouraged and challenged, and won’t lose the desire to play for a long time.

Puzzles that feature large pieces, simple shapes, sturdy materials, and easy handling are best suited for toddlers. They are fun, motivate your child, and strengthen your bond when you solve the puzzles together. Later, your child can take their chance all on their own, using their patience and problem-solving skills.

Benefits of games and puzzles for your child:

  • they reduce stress,
  • create emotional connections with family members,
  • enable your child to process emotions and feelings,
  • increase their physical development,
  • promote their social skills,
  • offer parents the opportunity to fully engage with their child,
  • stimulate the mind and increase curiosity, creativity and imagination.

Buy games & puzzles for babies and children online on kidsroom.de

Make sure that your baby and toddler can take full advantage of (board) games and puzzles by actively playing with your child. That way you can create lifelong, positive memories and a solid basis for their future development. To help you maximise early child education for your child, we only offer the best and most useful games and puzzles on kidsroom.de. What are you waiting for? Take a look around, get inspired and get some great gaming fun today.

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