Kids’ toy vehicles such as ride-on toys, tricycles or balance bikes make your kid happy, and promote coordination and motor skills. Learn more and order now!

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Kids’ toy vehicles, trikes & balance bikes for little explorers

Kids’ toy vehicles such as ride-on toys, tricycles or balance bikes provide your child with entertaining opportunities to discover the world. They improve their physical fitness and promote coordination and motor skills. At we offer kids’ vehicles from popular premium brands such as Puky, Doona, SmarTrike and more, which make your child a bit more mobile and independent at every stage of development.

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As soon as your little one can stand on their own two feet and take their very first steps, there is nothing standing in the way of their urge to discover. This is where ride-on toys, balance bikes and the like come into play. At first glance, these toy vehicles appear to be fairly simple in terms of their design and the functions they offer. Nevertheless, the decision which of these to buy is often not easy for parents. Everything from tyre types, to brakes, to the size of such a vehicle can quickly get complicated when it comes to buying your child a suitable toy vehicle that is to also accompany them for a long time. Choosing the most appropriate vehicle for a toddler obviously depends on their age and physical development. Young toddlers from the age of 12 months and up should generally use a ride-on toy, such as the Chicco ride-on toy plane Charley, while most toddlers over the age of 18 months can already use a balance bike or a tricycle. Fundamentally, all of these three toy vehicles can teach your child how to keep their balance, but the driving/ riding experience varies considerably due to the different sizes, quality and equipment.

What needs to be considered when buying a ride-on toy, balance bike and the like?


Size is by far the most important factor when choosing a children's vehicle. For example, while balance bikes are often offered as “one size”, the reality is somewhat different. The size of the tyres and the height of the seat (in relation to the inseam length) should be considered in particular when choosing the right balance bike for your child.

12-inch wheels are the most common tire size for balance bikes. 14-inch wheels are suitable for bigger balance bikes for older or taller children in preschool. While the wheel size is a good point of reference for the overall size of a balance bike, the seat height is the most accurate indicator of how a balance bike fits your child. In order to be able to ride a balance bike properly, it should be easy for your child to mount and dismount it independently. Furthermore, their feet should reach the floor comfortably so that your child can push off and speed up well. Finally, it is important that your child can sit comfortably on the saddle. Therefore, the seat height of the balance bike should be adjusted so that a slight knee bend is possible.


Your child's safety should always be a top priority. Many children's vehicles immediately impress everyone with their bright colours and cool designs. However, you should not be blinded by this, since these properties can also hide safety deficiencies. Therefore, you should make sure that your child's future toy vehicle meets the required safety standards. That means, the vehicle should have a stable frame and a sufficiently large, padded saddle or seat. In the case of rocking toys, such as the Childhome rocking toy Scooter, the seat should be particularly stable and the scooter should not rock too far forward or too far back. It is also important to check whether the brake works optimally and is easy for your child to use before using balance bike and tricycle. The stability of the vehicle is also important to avoid accidents. Make sure that the vehicle does not tip over when your child rides on it.

Tip: In addition to the balance bike or tricycle, the safety equipment, consisting of a helmet and protector set, such as the safeTogo Protection Set by SmarTrike, also plays a major role. This ensures that your child is provided with maximum safety even in the event of a small fall.

Area of use:

Before buying a children's vehicle, you should consider where your child will use it. Some of these toy vehicles, including most ride-on toys, can only be used indoors, which is disadvantageous if your child wants to explore the area outside. Others can mainly be used outdoors, but only work on flat surfaces. Therefore, before buying, make sure that the vehicle does not restrict your child's urge to discover.

Assembly & maintenance:

How quickly can your child's new vehicle be assembled? You certainly don't want a vehicle that takes an excessive amount of time to assemble or even requires several people to set it up. It is also advisable to look for a product that is easy to maintain and durable to ensure that it can be used for as long as possible.

Adjustable parts & additional functions:

Children grow very fast. It is all the more annoying when balance bike and the like can no longer be used after a short time. Therefore, when buying, make sure to choose a product that offers the possibility to adjust the saddle and handlebar. Some children's vehicles, such as the Liki Trikes by Doona, feature various additional functions as to accompany your child through several developmental stages and thus grow with them.

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A high-quality toy vehicle offers your child fun and also promotes valuable skills and abilities they need in everyday life. On you will always find the most innovative and safest products from top manufacturers, with which your child can grow up safely. If you have any questions or cannot decide which balance bike or tricycle you need to get, feel free to contact us. Our team of experts will help you choose the best product for your child.

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