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Wooden Toys

Wooden toys – safe & durable

Finding the right toys for your baby can be quite a challenge, because they have to be appropriate to your child’s age and must not contain any harmful parts. Thus, they must be examined carefully. Wooden toys that offer you and your child several important benefits have existed for many centuries for good reason. One of the most obvious advantages of wooden toys is the sturdiness of this ecologically produced raw material. At first glance, one might object that wood tends to produce splinters and chips, but as a matter of fact, professionally made wooden toys and products are safe and harmless. Here you can find a large selection of high-quality wooden toys that impress everyone with their cute designs and strictly tested quality.

Main characteristics of wooden toys

Basically, toys made of wood are suitable for all age groups. Still, there are different recommendations you need to consider when buying wooden toys. Since the material can be processed in a very simple and flexible way, almost all shapes imaginable can be produced. This way, you can buy your little one an entertaining rattle or else let exquisitely crafted toy trains run through their nursery. Generally, wood conveys a much more pleasant feeling than plastic. That is why, even your child will appreciate the look and feel of the warm wood. Many renowned manufacturers such as Haba or BoiKido pay particular attention to a careful treatment of the surfaces as well as a risk-free sealing of wooden toys. This sealing avoids individual parts from chipping off and thus minimises the risk of injury considerably. Only natural and harmless products and means are used so that your little one will be safe when putting the toys into their mouth.

The benefits of wooden toys at a glance

  • Comfortably warm feeling while playing
  • Very flexible shape when produced
  • Sustainable production of raw materials
  • Almost indestructible and easy to repair
  • Hardly any germ formation on the natural material
  • Different sets foster creativity and visual thinking

Teaching children things in an easy and playful way

The right selection of wooden toys has something for every child at any age – whether that be for babies, infants or toddlers. Many toys such as the popular boxes of building bricks that feature various geometric shapes, help promote the process of learning and foster visual thinking. In order to make use of the positive effects these toys can have on your child’s creativity and imagination, a set of building bricks or toy blocks must not be missed in your little one’s nursery. One of the best-known manufacturers of high-quality wooden toys that have been designed and continually improved through many years of experience is Haba. Thus, you can find a wide range of Haba toys in our online shop on

Depending on the age group of your child, you will discover toys with learning effect that do not only foster your child’s creativity and imagination but also support them in dealing with letters and numbers. In this filed, matching games and shape sorting games are particularly popular. Being made of wood these games are hardly limited in their design. This way, you can supply your child with a threading game by Haba that comes in the shape of your little one’s favourite animal and features numbers that have to be arranged in the correct order and then watch them make learning progress with the utmost fun and enthusiasm.

Connecting safety and fun

Manufacturers of wooden toys must fulfil high quality standards as to designing and producing child-oriented toys. Many brands even exceed legal guidelines and thus minimise the risk of injury.

Hanging figures that come with several individual parts and usually feature the shape of a worm will bring ultimate rattling and clacking fun into your child’s nursery while making it impossible for your child to dismantle them. In addition to this, these toys feature rounded corners and edges. Even dirt of all kinds won’t stand a chance and can be wiped off the coated surfaces of the wooden toys easily and in no time at all. Also, wood is harmless even if you leave your child unattended for a moment and they put the toy into their mouth. However, in order to be on the safe side when it comes to this topic, we recommend you to look for toys that have the label of the Blue Angel on them – this is a German certification which is featured on products that have environmentally friendly aspects. The manufacturer Haba does not only claim to test all Haba products for their stability, but lets them pass through several humidity tests that examine the integrity as well as the coating of the raw material used for producing the toys.

Things you need to consider when buying wooden toys

As already mentioned above, the Blue Angel is a reliable quality feature for wooden toys that also certifies that the raw material used for the toys has been extracted and produced in an eco-friendly way. Furthermore, you may get some additional information about brands and manufacturers. Naturally, you should also consider the toy’s age recommendation which comes from different statutory provisions as well as internal tests run by the brand and include certain safety risks that might not occur to you in the first place. As another benefit, wood – as compared to synthetic materials – is known to allow germs to spread very slowly or else not at all, which ensures long-term hygiene. Due to the fact that wooden toys feature a very sturdy design, they can be used for several children or generations while still never losing any of their aesthetic appeal or fascination.

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